Sunday, 22 July 2012

July theme: deathrockers

Deathrockers are goth steroetype :)

Who are they?
 They are more trad goths than punks, but honestly, something between. Difference between trad goths is mess and distruction in style (example: trad goths fishnets are always clear and without holes, deathrocker - the other way), also music is more gothic than punk.

What they wear?
Deathrockers are DIY masters, just like cybergoths, like ripped fishnets, leather jacket with their own styled spikes and other decorations. They are wearing punk - goth boots, mostly platform and military ones, lots of belts, skulls and bones accessories, tunels an piercings.

Of course they smoke, depends on human
What is their makeup and hairstyle?
Makeup is usually is wide liner line painted with eyeshadows :) Also lipstick is used very much, dark or birght. And, makeup colours is combined with outfit or hair. Makeup is very bright, you could see it from mile ;D They always has pale skin and bright, sharp shape blush. Oh! And usually they have drawed eyebrows, without having reals ones.

Hair: bigger, brighter, more original - better! The classic is long hair made up high with gel and brush (of course many other techinques available). But the most important is to stay in your own style.

What music they are listening?
80's goth music classics, death, dark, hard rock and metal. Some bands: 45 grave, Christian Death,
 Burning Image, Blood and roses, Zombie Zex, Red lipstcik death, Antiworld, Acid bats.

Have they any specifics? 
These goths loves watching horror movies, especially old ones. They often has great sense of humor and are skeptics ;) but it depends on human of course.

What else?
Of course they are just still people who loves, lies, laughs and does stupid things, like all human.

Stardoll + Deathrockers?
 Yes! We have some deathrockers too, it is hard to be a deathrocker (no hairstyles, no clothing, no accessories) but there is still some cool girls who follow this style!

Why july theme?
This time i won't search any reason, we have to rest from sweet dollies, so i have chosen bit harder style ;)

This is my polyvore post about deathrockers :3

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